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Shenzhen Nengxin has the highly sophisticated industry's lead-free wave soldering, automatic plug-in machines, full automatic printing, high-speed chip mounter machine, high temperature reflow, standardization of production lines and other equipments which can produce high-grade, advanced LED display.

The production site implement 7S, 4M1H and visual management, and it makes the production management more scientific, effective, humanized, and institutionalized; and made a ood foundation for producing the high quality products.

We always uphold the purpose of "win-win with customers", adhere to business philosophy of the "steady development, continuous innovation", pursuit of "excellent quality and integrity of the principle" to provide customers with high quality, reliable products, sale and processing services.

 Automatic encapsulating compound machine: :

When produce the outdoor waterproof products, LED display modules require potting surface in order to do protect the water sunscreen. Now generally electronic potting, there are A / B types, in accordance with the mixing ratio of 10:1, filling the glue to the surface of LED display modules by either manually or automatically.

When you fill the glue, the glue should be moderate, can not be too little or too much , too little can not protect the water very well, too much would impact the light emitting angle and face masks equipment.

 Full automatic printing

We use a new generation of high-precision, fully automatic SMT solder paste printing presses, automatic find reference points and automatically adjust PCB PCB errors

Repeating the precision printing, PCB board is designed to be fixed to the clever and flexible work platform, the platform is applicable to all single-sided and double-sided circuit board, PCB position adjustment, working platform moves, and the scraper on and off are precision linear guides through invocation, and therefore ensures a very accurate and high precision movement repeatability.Dual blade with two lift design to ensure efficient production.

 Full automatic chip mounter Machine

High precision, flexibility, mount 46000 points per hour.

Buffered nozzle; nozzle using buffer design, when picking and placing the different heights component, the nozzle will adjust the pressure placed automatically, it won’t damage the components by the height errors or programming errors.

Have the best machinery,High temperature reflow soldering ,To provide customers with high performance quality of the products Furnace adopts the mode of circulation heat exchange,temperature uniformity and reliable, The whole process has no blind area. Nitrogen protection,prevent oxidation,Fully guarantee the welding effect. From the source to ensure that the production order and perfect.

 DIP assembly line

Standardized strip production line,Ensure work efficiency,Humanized flue absorption system,Reducing welding pollution caused by exhaust gas

Our company has a rich industry experience panel repair technician QA team,to ensure product quality goal.Make the product factory qualified rate reached hundred percent

Spacious production workshop, High quality assembly line,Finished goods assembly work,less limitation, Combines with stopper to realize the continuous movement and stack of products.USES jack-up translation device that can realize off-line repair products or testing without affecting the operation of the entire assembly line. To finish assembly work high efficiency with good quality

 Transport flight case

Our company transport the products use the cartons are packed in paper case, wooden case or flight case. High-tech product itself value improvement determines the product carrier flight case have higher protection function.Each side of the wooden

cases use a certain thickness and strength of the aluminum alloy material Every angle of cases with high strength metal ball Angle and alloy aluminium edge and splint fixed connection.At the bottom of the case body made from a strong bear ability and wear resistance of the PU wheel.Case can install clapboard according to the product characteristics.Inside of the cabinet and partition labeled softer EVA composite solid material.

Flight case structure and material get those advantage, fireproof, waterproof and convenient mobility.Ensure products are in the process of transportation, maximum guaranteed product.Make your product safe transport process.