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Pre-Sale Service

                                                   Pre-sale service

Purpose of service

The main purpose of pre-service is to communicate with customers, allowing the customers to fully understand  products. Besides, successfully assisting customer to make project planning and analyze system requirement can make our products best meet customer needs, at the same time, it also enable customers’ investment to play the greatest comprehensive economic benefits.

Product consultation

Fully understanding customer requirements and product using environment can help customer to know gloshine’s product, including product category, specification model, product performance, using environment and supporting facilities. Moreover, assisting customers to choose a matching scheme,such as: LED display type, control system, power configuration, signal cable and so on.

Technical advisory

Provide Technical support to the customersincluding technical parameter, product performance, using life and software platform

Technical solution

Supply technical solution for customersincluding product selection, product appearance, circuit design and system components solution.

Provide solution to customer

Supply solution for customer, involved of LED display size, specification confirmation, installation solution, distribution confirmation, communication solution and so on.

Training service

The purpose of training is to make customer skillfully use Gloshine’s LED display system and deal with some basic fault. Actually training has two steps.  Firstly, you should accept the basic training which focuses on LED display basic principle in our factory. Secondly, the training at the installation site emphasizes the usage and maintenance of the LED display.

Pre-sale service contact

Tel: 0086-755-66812732

Mobile:0086-158 1558 9234( 24-hour service)